What Is Exhaust Wrap?

What Is Exhaust Wrap?

  • Mat Sadler

To put it simply, exhaust wrap is designed to retain heat within the exhaust pipes. This slows down the cooling process keeping the gases at a high temperature allowing them to flow faster and increase engine performance and efficiency.

Do I need it?
Well, wrapping your exhaust isn’t a necessity that’s for sure but it does bring benefits. Not just in performance but cosmetically too. 

One of the main benefits that people are looking for when choosing an exhaust wrap is to reduce engine temperature. By retaining the heat energy within your exhaust, less will escape transferring to other parts of your engine and will improve the flow of gases through the exhaust system.

It also brings some protection from the elements which in turn can slow down the general wear and tear.

Not All Exhausts Wraps Are Equal
Choosing an exhaust wrap should be based on quality rather than budget. The old saying rings true here, “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Here at Gamasco we pride ourselves on the quality of our Flame Barrier  products. Our exhaust wrap can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 °C, some types require no pre soaking

We have a great selection to cover most requirements and they are suitable for marine and land lovers alike.

How Much Exhaust Wrap Will I Need?

That’s a question we get asked a lot so we’ve developed a handy calculator to make that task easy. How exhaust wrap will I need?

How To Wrap Exhaust Headers

I found a great video on how to do this on YouTube courtesy of EricTheCarGuy

Titanium Exhaust Wrap vs Fibreglass vs Silica

There’s a few products on the market today but let’s take a look at titanium,  fibreglassand Silica.

Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Titanium exhaust wrap is created from pulverising lava rock and bringing it together with a fibre based material. Traditionally it’s seen as more durable with superior strength and has a higher price point to fibre glass.

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap
Fibreglass exhaust wrap is made from, you guessed it, fibreglass which is fabricated into a woven strip with adhesives. It has a broader use case as it can be effective in a lower temperature situation where as Titanium is very efficient in a high temperature environment.

Silica Exhaust Wrap
Our Silica Exhaust wrap can not only withstand higher temperatures than regular glass wrap, but also, due to the manufacturing process it doesn't release glass fibres when being used, so you won't itch after handling it. This also means there is no need to soak it before use.


Can Exhaust Wrap Catch Fire?
Exhaust wrap is designed to withstand high temperatures so by nature it’s not a flammable product. If you have just wrapped your exhaust and you detect smoke coming from your engine don’t worry. When you first install your wrap it’s normal for it to start smoking as it hasn’t been used in anger yet!

As part of the manufacturing process exhaust wraps use binders which help to keep them malleable when they are being weaved together. These binders are only useful during manufacturing and aren’t part of the exhausts wraps job. So, when you first start your engine and it gets up to temperature, these binding agents will burn away, which is the smoke that you see. So don’t worry!

What Is The Best Exhaust Wrap For Headers?

Earlier we touched on buying quality products and I appreciate many people have a budget. 

That’s ok!

If you can, always go for the best you can afford. We have found some cheaper and lower quality wraps become brittle over time especially when they are used in an environment that’s beyond their operating temperature. Some stated temperature ranges from inferior products are only meant for a short period timer. Typically a few minutes or not much more. When they are exposed to prolonged high temperatures the fibres break down and become brittle rendering the heat retention properties useless. Our exhaust wraps are designed and tested to a rigorous, high standard to give peace of mind knowing you’re buying a superior product.

I hope this has been useful. Take a look at our products and if you have any questions please get in touch!


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