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If you have ever used the fibre glass version, you are probably still itching and chucked the clothes you were wearing in the bin. This wrap does not itch. I used wrap on my four branch super-charged engine exhaust system. I did not cut it anywhere, I double wrapped each pipe in a continuous run. It took a couple of hours, but what a result, you can just about hold the pipe with the engine running, and it used to get HOT!!. Would I recommend, it is expensive compared to other stuff, but you get what you pay for. It's AWESOME!!!

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Cameron A.


Very clean and easy to use. No irritation on hands like many other wraps. Expensive but excellent product

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Charles F.


Surprisingly easy to use, my long tube headers are all individual tubes so i had no major issues, now they look great and i can be confident they will perform well and keep my engine bay cooler.

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John R.

Best Selling Exhaust Wrap

Flame Barrier Exhaust wrap is superior quality, it contains no Asbestos or Ceramic, and requires no additional coating.

10M Black Exhaust Wrap (550°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap
10M Caramelised Exhaust Wrap (700°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap
15M Titanium Lava Rock Exhaust Wrap (870°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap
£37.99 Regular price £45.35
25M Silica Exhaust Wrap (1000°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap
30M Glass Exhaust Wrap (550°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap
£33.99 Regular price £37.39
30M Premium Marine Exhaust Wrap (550°C)
Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap


Flame Barrier Exhaust wrap is a high temperature, soft, resilient exhaust wrap capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up to 550°C.

Also available in New Silica Exhaust wrap, which is irritant free (NO MORE ITCHING!) and can withstand continuous  temperatures of up to 1000°C.

Designed for easy fixing, our exhaust wrap requires no pre soaking or additional coating like many inferior products.

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TRIED and Tested Exhaust Manifold Heat wrap

High insulation properties | High temperature stability | Excellent thermal shock resistance | Good dimensional stability | Low Density | High mechanical strength | Low thermal Conductivity | Incombustible | Good Chemical Resistance | Excellent flexibility | Soft to handle | Minimum smoke when first used

Our products contain no Asbestos or Ceramic properties.


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